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Curvo - Wall Clock - Black

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This wall clock is capable of blending in your interior space. It can curve along the corner, column or shelf, either inward or outward as if it’s melting. The bent dial gives the impression of the clock adapting to the corner where it is installed creating a striking appearance. The unusual shape is designed to curve at any walls junction, making full use of interior edges or corners, creating a functional piece of décor.

Designed with versatility in mind, the elegant curve of the clock face, combined with free rotational fitting can create an ever-changing appearance, capturing the rhythm of time itself.

Key Features :

  • Is a corner clock and is designed to be installed along inward or outward edges but can be simply placed on flat surfaces as well.

  • The package includes 3 sets of hour hands with different design so the owner can assemble the preferred one.

  • Available in 3 colours: black, pastel pink and turquoise

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